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Real time ALE from IBM mainframe to SAP

We are an SAP shop, and now the company is integrating with a subsidiary. The subsidiary is on an IBM mainframe. We would like to build a real time ALE interface from the mainframe to SAP. Is there a third party software we can use to buildan Idoc using ALE technology as the transport layer, from the mainframe to SAP?

There probably is, but I have to admit that I do not watch the third party software market too closely. (I have heard rumors that IBM has an SAP adapter for MQSeries.) Before you buy anything, though, take a look at the SAP Business Connector (which is free for SAP customers) and see whether it could solve the problem, e.g. if you could create an XML structure on the mainframe and send it to Business Connector which could convert to an IDoc and feed it to SAP.

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