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Reading from an outbound Idoc to JCo server

I am having a problem with reading information from an outbound Idoc to my JCo server. My environment: Using 4.6C and triggering an Idoc from SAP to my JCo server. I have setup a repository for the server with function 'IDOC_INBOUND_ASYNCHRONOUS' and defined the appropriate parameters. Also, I defined structures 'EDI_DC40' and 'EDI_DD40'. In method 'handleRequest', I read the incoming tables 'IDOC_DATA_REC_40' and 'IDOC_CONTROL_REC_40' (also did a writeHTML) but the fields are blank. I know that I receive the data back because the number of control and data idoc rows correspond to what I expect but when I do a getstring, it returns blank. Additionally, I have tested this with a tibco adapter and it does read the idoc data fine so SAP side looks fine.

I would be happy to send you my source code if you would like to take a look. Thank you for your help.

As you may have expected, we need source code and the RFC trace.

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