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Reading field-values via RFC_READ_TABLE

During reading field-values from SAP via RFC_READ_TABLE the following error-message occurs: "Error: ASSIGN_CAST_WRONG_ALIGNMENT;...

EXCEPTION SYSTEM_FAILURE RAISED; Fehler in ASSIGN ... TYPE Anweisung: falsche Ausrichtung." This only happens, if fields of type FLTP (length=16) are accessed. e.g. table QAMR: Technical info via SAP-GUI: MEDIANWERT QMEDIANWRT FLTP 16 Median der gultigen Me?werte MINWERT QMINWERT FLTP 16 Minimum der gultigen Me?werte MITTELWERT QMITTELWRT FLTP 16 Arithmetisches Mittel der gulti VARIANZ QVARIANZ FLTP 16 Streuung (Varianz) der gultigen call of RFC_READ_TABLE returns a length of 8: MEDIANWERT 000246000008F Median der gultigen Me?werte MINWERT 000254000008F Minimum der gultigen Me?werte MITTELWERT 000262000008F Arithmetisches Mittel der gultigen Me?we VARIANZ 000270000008F Streuung (Varianz) der gultigen Me?werte Is there any solution for this problem?

This is probably a bug in the function. Using RFC_READ_TABLE is usually a bad idea anyway. It requires the same authorizations that enable a user to read any table with SE16. Nobody except an auditor should have these privileges in a production system, unless security is totally irrelevant to you.

This was last published in February 2002

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