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Re-log in to a sandbox client in ERP 5.0

How to re-log in to a sandbox client in ERP 5.0 after changing the user type from 'dialog' to 'system'

have set up a sandbox client in SAP ERP 5.0. However, with the user SAP*, I have mistakenly changed the user type over from 'dialog' to 'system' so I cannot re-log in to the client. How do I change it back?
Is this the only user left in the database? No DDIC user that you can use? If I remember, you can reset the users by deleting all named users from the database. Log in with the database client into the database and locate the usr01 table and empty the table. If SAP does not find any user in the table, SAP* will be recovered to the delivery state with an initial password (probably 06071992). If this does not work, ask some of the Basis guys, they may know better cheats for it.

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