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Re-customizing SAP HR system on the same box as other ERP modules in use

We are re-customizing an HR system on the same box as other ERP modules in use. As a result, we need to delete the HR master data and customizing from their production system using RPUDEL20 RPUDELPN and PA DATA. That said, SAP recommends against that approach. Is there a better way to go about this?
This is a tough question because while I have analyzed this code for use at my own clients and determined the risk to be minimal at worst, I cannot recommend running a program against SAP's advice. There is no 100% safe way to do it but using SAP's own code is probably the safest. I can tell you I have written my own version to completely wipe out all PA/OM and Payroll data on a particular personnel number but it took several weeks of testing before I was comfortable enough to use it on even a test system.

You can delete people one by one using PU00 to delete personnel and if you select all records this should also delete any payroll information. I could not find any documentation that lead me to believe that this was only acceptable in a customizing or test system but I want to emphasize that running any sort of deletion program is definitely taking a risk. You should have a full backup of your current system and I am definitely not telling you to run this transaction. Also, it is always best to follow any sort of a mass system change like this with a full unit and integration test cycle to analyze any possible effects to your system. In other words, I would treat it like an application of a series of HRSP's to your system.

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