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RDI data transfers

How can SAP RDI be used to pass the data from the spool or anywhere else to third part tools like Formscape used...

with SAP Scripts? Can the RDI data in ASCII format be passed on to a file?

You need to define a printer in the R/3 spool administrator. The definition will contain all the information about where the data stream should be directed. For example where the app. server runs on NT.

a) Define a local printer, RAWPRINT, say, on your presentation PC.

Make it a local printer,
Set the port to be 'FILE'
The manufacturer should be 'Generic and Text Only'
Give the printer the name 'RAWPRINT'

b) Define printer on SAP, using SPAD

Set device name to ZRAW,
Category is PLAIN
Destination host is the IP address of your PC.
Host printer is 'RAWPRINT'
Linkage type is 'U'.

c) You must have SAPLPD started (should be on your SAPGUI installation CD if not already installed).

d) During the print operation, select output device = ZRAW and RDI = 'X'. The output file is then save to a file, the name of which is determined by a dialog on your PC.

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