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R/3 System Copy to AIX 4.3.3

We are looking to carry out a R/3 System Copy of our Development System. This is currently running SAP R/3 46C,...

with Oracle and AIX 4.3.2. The target system is running AIX 4.3.3, although everything else will be the same. We could upgrade the O/S level of the source system, although if we left it as it is the minor versions would be different so we are trying to seek confirmation as to whether this fits into a Homogenous or Heterogeneous System Copy. Are you able to help?

I hope to answer you question by giving you the relevant documents. The procedure for AIX 4.3.3 Oracle homogeneous system copy is described in SapNet:
service.sap.com/instguides "Homogeneous System Copy" Chapter 6 describes the procedure for Oracle. In chapter "General Subsequent Actions" there is a description of what you have to do with transports too.

For more information contact the Consulting Services, see the note 0042915 (US) or contact your Local Support.

This was last published in December 2001

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