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Questions on the Delta process

How can we initialize the Delta process selectively? What is the difference between queued Delta and unserialized V3 update? Get answers to these questions and more by BI/BW expert Jay Narayanan.

Dear Mr. Narayanan, I need your help in undersatanding the following:

1. How can we initialize the Delta process selectively? 2. What is the difference between queued Delta and unserialized...

V3 update? 3. In the LO cockpit extraction process, where exactly do we use the V1 and V2 updates? 4. What is the ENQUEUE concept?

You can do selection in the InfoPackage 'Selection' tab and enter the values for filtering. But once you have the values for selection during the Delta initialization, those values will remain during the subsequent Delta loads. Queuedd Delta doesn't right the transactions directly into BW queue; a job has to be scheduled to load data from the extraction queue to the BW queue. Direct Delta writes the records directly to BW queue. V1 and V2 updates are used not during the extraction process, but while writing records to BW queue in the source system.
This was last published in June 2006

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