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Questions on the CRM fact sheet and online portal

Curious about the SAP CRM fact sheet and online portal? CRM expert Srini Katta provides answers to reader questions.

I have four questions regarding the fact sheet and the online portal.

1. Is it possible to add a tab on account master data as "fact sheet" and display contents of this fact sheet?
2. How does the fact sheet get its data? Can it be from R/3 or BW or another third-party system?
3. Can the fact sheet be saved as a PDF or another file type from the mobile client?
4. How are fact sheets accessed through the mobile client? Do they get automatically attached to an account?

1. There is a fact sheet tab on customer master data. You have to click on sales area tab to access the fact sheet tab.
2. Customer Factsheet data can be configured to display data from CRM, R/3 and/or BW using Infoblocks.
3. SAP sales express solution 4.1 has the ability to present factsheet data in PDF form. This was released to the customer on Aug. 22, 2005. General availability is scheduled for Nov. 25, 2005.
4. You can access the fact sheet in CRM Mobile under Business Partners – Fact Sheet. The fact sheet is stored in CRM Enterprise and you can view it in CRM Mobile. You have the following two options:
* View the most up-to-date fact sheet data by choosing the button Request Fact Sheet
* View the existing fact sheet data by choosing the button Open Fact Sheet

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