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Questions around SRM 4.0

Questions around SRM 4.0 (SRM Server 5.0)

mySAP ERP 2004 includes Self-Service Procurement (Classic Scenario)

At present, the above scenario and Catalog & Content Mgt (internal catalogs) are the two business Scenarios in scope at our organization.

According to SAP slides - catalog search, shopping cart creation, approval, transfer to backend, optional confirmation/invoice entry are available in mySAP ERP.

Can you advise on the extent as it appears elements of CCM are available in ERP'04?

Also, are there any drawbacks of not using XI (i.e. SRM is linked to CCM directly) in the landscape? Only internal catalogs are in scope.

MySAP ERP'04 offers you the ability to utilize the SAP SRM functionalities (e.g. Self Service-Classic) as part of the licensing agreement. You still will be installing and implementing the mySAP SRM product and configuring the Self Service in a Classic Scenario.

All functionalities in Classic Scenario are then available for you to utilize.

In regards to CCM, that is the new Content Management solution that SAP is driving towards. And hence, no other Content Product will be provided with SRM (unless you're an SRM upgrade customer with Requisite). Having said that, you only need XI in specific scenarios.

If you just want to upload vendor catalogs into CCM there is no need for XI unless the catalogs are received in XML form. You should be able to upload in Text delimited format.

If you want to transfer product and contract data from SRM to CCM then you'll require XI. Or if could depend on your architecture for CCM. Are you using both CAT and CSE and if so are they on separate servers? As the communication between these two components of CCM happens via the XI server.

Hope this answered your question.
Sachin Sethi

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