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Questions about SAPJRA

I have some concerns about SAPJRA, as their Web site recommends, I emailed my concerns to a SAP rep and unfortunately I didn't receive any reply so far. So if you could share some information about this I will appreciate it.

1) When will the final release of SAPJRA be available? A year back I downloaded beta for some testing purposes and the SAP site still only shows availability of the beta version.

2) I have seen different versions (updates like 2.0.10, 2.1.3) of JCo libraries available, but not SAPJRA. Does that mean SAP encourages JCo to directly talk to SAP from a Java application instead of SAPJRA?

3) If we use SAPJRA, how do we work with IDoc?

The final answer to this should come from SAP, but currently my assumption is that SAP will support SAPJRA only within NetWeaver.

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