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Quality Assurance analyst switching to SAP

I am Quality Assurance analyst for an HA software company using IBM iSeries 400. I am very interested in learning SAP, but I don't know what what route to take. How do I get started?
The key to breaking into this competitive SAP market is to figure out the area of SAP that is most relevant to your current skills. Then, focus on learning as much about that area as you can, perhaps through training and/or certification, and (hopefully) get hired by a company in your industry that finds your overall background - not just your SAP training - appealing. I don't know a lot about your background, but it sounds like you have some quality control/assurance skills, so you might want to focus on learning as much as you can about SAP's QM (Quality Management) module. Since the QM module is more of a niche module within SAP's R/3 software suite, you might also want to look ahead to a mySAP-related product. One possibility is SAP's Product Lifecycle Management (PLM) product, which would also draw on some of your core QA skills. If you just lunge into SAP, you will be hit by a wall of more experienced competition. Your job is to target the areas in SAP where you bring the most to the table. Hopefully my suggestions have given you some fresh ideas. It's going to take a lot of legwork, some money for training, and, most importantly, a willing employer or two, but you may be able to work your way into SAP.

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