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Pursuing a career in SAP

I'm trying to pursue a career path in SAP at my company. I have some basic Enterprise Portal training, but my company is not ready to implement Portals for another year or two. I would like to get some experience in SAP and a recent position for SAP Security Admin. and Analysis may be available. What are your thoughts regarding this type of position as far as being able to learn the SAP architecture, modules etc.? An alternative would be to wait for an associate project management roll with our SAP upgrade project this year.
Well, let's deal with your last option first. Anytime you have to wait a year for an opportunity, you might as well scratch it off your list. A year is a lifetime in the SAP employment market. I supposed the same goes with your Portals training -- unless you feel like moving to another company that will give you Portals exposure, your Portals options look as sketchy as your project management options. On the other hand, your SAP security option looks more realistic. And the good news is that SAP security is definitely a strong area within SAP. I did some research recently for a feature on hot SAP skills that I published on the mySAPcareers.com web site. SAP security made that list. Security concerns in corporate environments are more prevalent than ever, and within SAP and BW, there are numerous security considerations that have to be taken into account, in terms of which users have access to which kinds of data and for what purposes.

To answer your question, most SAP security roles do give you good exposure to the overall SAP architecture. The main thing is to avoid getting yourself in a security position where all you are doing is creating and modifying user profiles all day long. Make sure your role is as challenging as possible. Although I would prefer to see you get Portals rather than SAP security experience, the bottom line is that you have to go where the opportunities lie within your company. SAP security would be a nice niche that would give you exposure to a lot of different areas.

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