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Pursuing ABAP vs. FI jobs

Hi, I have 2.5 years experience as an internal FI consultant, but I'm not certified in FI. After that I went back school to pursue a Master's degree in Computer Science, and now I'm expecting to graduate soon in January after about 1.5 years study. Recently I also got an ABAP certificate. My question is: should I look for FI jobs or ABAP jobs? If FI, than perhaps I have to get a certification first, and if ABAP, I'll focus on Java, J2EE, etc. What is your suggestion?

Here's the easy answer: let the market decide for you. Put your resume out there and see what you get back. The best choice is always the job offer in your hand. Only if you get two job offers - one in ABAP, one in FI, do you have to make a serious choice. In the long run, I think you should pursue the area you have the most interest in. Given that you went back to school full time to obtain a Computer Science degree, I can't help but think that you have some natural inclinations towards technical work. So I would keep that as your main career goal going forward. For that reason, ABAP work does seem to have your name on it. But you're right, you'll want to get your Java and J2EE skills too. In previous columns, I've written extensively about the "SAP Programmer of the Future," so check those answers out. In brief: you'll want to straddle the ABAP and Java worlds to give yourself the best skill set and the most options - inside AND outside of SAP.

This was last published in January 2003

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