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Purchase Orders generated by an external vendor

I am setting up the following scenario where Purchase Order needs to be generated to the external vendor:
Customer:        External Vendor
           <- PO Confirmation (ORDRSP)
           <- Inbound Delivery (DESADV)
Goods Receipt(STPPOD) -> Proof Of  
I could not find a standard way in SAP to generate the STPOD. Do you know what is the best way to do this?
For a proper answer I would have to know more about your actual R/3 setup. A simple way to send out a proof of delivery is to customize a new message type in the PO that is inhibited by the final delivery flag. (EKPO-ELIKZ), or some other condition that fires when the goods are received. This message would then trigger an IDoc sending again the PO, with a different message type, signaling the status. A more straight-forward way would be to bounce the DESDADV IDoc via a workflow, as soon as it is processes. Every SAP tzransaction fires a workflow event either explicitely via SWE_EVENT_CREATE (or SWE_EVENT_CRETE_IN_UPDATE_TASK) or through the change documents in CHANGEDOCUMENT_CLOSE. The workflow can then call an function that picks the DESADV IDoc and sends it cack to the sender with a message type that signals the goods receipt. More about how to create workflow task can be found in the Netweaver/mySAP section of http://logosworld.com

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