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Publications for FI, MM and SD information

We are a small organization in comparison to most SAP customers. Our total support staff is 3! I was wondering if you could recommend some publications that might be useful for FI, MM and SD.

There is an SAP conference in Disney you might be interested in. Sign up for ASUG information and attend their meetings. ITtoolbox has white papers you can download. There is the SAP Journal. Search the Web for SAP and you will find a cornucopia of information. Amazon.com has lots of books listed as well as purchasing from SAP. Netg has on-line SAP courses and Safari books online has some too. Since you are a small staff, may I recommend thinking about CBT, Web based training and delivery solutions that use products such as Centra, Authorware, Viewlet, or Flash. If you read Training Magazine, and look at the issue March 2002 the list of top 100 training orgs (doing more with much less) is listed and the ideas are fantastic. This is a general training mag and not SAP specific, but very good. Good luck!

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