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Pros and cons of upgrading from EBP 3.0

We are currently looking at upgrading from EBP 3.0, which currently fronts SAP 4.6c MM. I am looking for some summary documentation setting about the functional and technical pros and cons for upgrading to EBP3.5.5.0, etc.
Hi there,
There are many different reasons why companies want to evaluate product releases e.g. EBP 3.5, 4.0 or 5.0. The question is what is the main driver for your organization?

The initial thought would be that if you're looking to implement EBP anytime soon why would you not look at the latest release? EBP 5.0 is supposed to be released for General Availability later this year. The benefit of going with EBP 5.0(SRM 4.0) is that it's on the latest NetWeaver Stack '04, which provides you a lower total cost of implementation, as pieces such as the ITS are now a part of the Integrated WebAS 6.40. Also if your organization already has portals or is looking to implement portals, then there is an existing Business Package for EBP 5.0 but not for EBP 4.0

However, if your organization does not like to implement latest releases, then look at EBP 4.0 (SRM 3.0). This is a pretty stable release. The main enhancement in this release was the UI. It was changed considerably to help the end users. This release also provided new standard workflows like the NStep-based Spending Limit, which were very well accepted by a lot of organizations. Also a lot of new BADIs accommodate business rules.

EBP 3.5 I would not evaluate as there is no sound reason to go with technology and a release that is 2 years old. Also as the UI is drastically changed with EBP 4.0, I would not recommend even evaluating the EBP 3.5 release.

There are a lot of pieces I could list but I would suggest you review some of the ASUG presentations and the release notes for EBP 4.0 and EBP 5.0 to get detailed information. Really what you need is someone to spend a few days of dedicated time to put together a presentation on this analysis and then you can look at the pros and cons. In the past I've done a number of solution and release analyses to enable what you're looking for. Let me know if you'd like us to discuss further on this (Sachin Sethi).

Sachin Sethi

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