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Project management or extended SAP roles?

I am from Bangkok, Thailand. I have been working as a SD consultant for 5 years now and on a couple of projects as project manager. Just wondering whether I should pursue project management or should I look into extended SAP stuff. Appreciate your advice.
Both of the choices you laid out are viable. The main consideration is really your long-term objectives. If you envision yourself as a high-level business executive, you should keep building on your project management skills. If you prefer to keep yourself closer to the technology with your sleeves rolled up, then the extended SAP stuff makes sense. And in terms of which extended SAP products to pursue, it depends on which side of the Sales and Distribution module you fall under. If you're on the sales and pricing side, I'd look into SAP CRM. If you're on the distribution side, I'd look into APO and Supply Chain Management (SCM). This approach follows my basic philosophy: add an emerging SAP (or mySAP skill) on top of your most relevant existing SAP skill. This way you tie your skills together and combine the sizzle of the latest and greatest with the substance of your overall background.

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