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Project management job prospects

I am a certified ABAP consultant with SAP 6 years of experience. I have worked as a team lead before and my next assignment will again be as a team lead in a major implementation project. I am currently taking a course in project management from a univeristy and the plan is to be a PMP sometime next year. What do you think my chances in landing a SAP project as a project manager would be? Should I continue focusing on SAP, or should I start looking at other markets for my project managmeent break?
Looking to another area may give you a chance to work as a project manager as well as gain some different knowledge which can be beneficial. If you are keen to become a SAP Project Manager you want to make sure you continue to build and develop your experience in that area as well. You may want to approach your current project manager to see if you could take on some additional responsibility in the project management area. Good luck!

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