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Processing garnishments through SAP payroll

How do you process garnishments through SAP payroll?

Start by checking the following link:


I usually click the button called Locate the document action in its SAP Library structure to see all other related documentation. Notice the link naming convention in for example: 'http://help.sap.com/saphelp_470'. You can replace '470' with '40B', '45B', '46B', or '46C' to match your version or get closer to it.

This is the overview:

  1. The garnishment process is triggered when your company receives a garnishment order from the court requesting that you set aside a specific amount of an employee's wages to repay a debt.
  2. You then need to create the garnishment document in SAP HR detailing what type of debt it is, who is requesting payment for the debt, etc.
  3. You then create the garnishment order for the garnishment document. The garnishment order includes information such as how much will be garnished from the employee's wages.
  4. When payroll runs, the system looks at the garnishment order. Depending on its status, it creates the appropriate remittance information for the creditor.

Several infotypes are used and there are certain configuration steps that need to be performed. There are user exits or BADIs depending on release to customize procedures as necessary.

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