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Problems with ABAP list processing display

Is it possible to have a list scroll forward directly and avoid the user needing to hit a function key? Matt Billingham suggests a solution.

I created an ABAP transaction using list processing, which allows a user to select a record on the first list and then obtain a screen to update this record. When the user returns to the first list (leaving the update screen), I programmed it to display a new first list so all new records and changes performed by other users are present. The problem is that I'm losing the position where the user was; displaying the new list goes always to the first screen. So I'm looking for a solution.

Currently when a record is selected and the user returns, I calculate the line in the new list, comparing the selected record key with the records displayed in the new list. When the new list is displayed, the user can select a function key and the program will do a scroll page forward (number of pages determined by previous calculated line in new list).

It would be a lot better to have the list scroll forward directly when the refreshed list is displayed so that the user does not need to hit this function key. Yet SCROLL FORWARD PAGE does not work on the refreshed list; only after it is displayed. Do you know a technique or solution for this problem?

Before the update screen is displayed, store the values of sy-pagno and sy-linno in variables. When the user returns, work out any changes in these variables you require, perhaps to accommodate extra records -- and after you've redisplayed the list, use SCROLL LIST TO PAGE g_pagno LINE g_linno.

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