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Problems trying to ALE material master and BOM

This reader may have tried to send the IDoc in a different language than the one used to maintained the texts and UOMs.

Problem 1:
I wanted to ALE my material master from R/3 to R/3. The message type I use is MATMAS. IDoc type used is matmas03. I have maintained multiple Uom in the material master (via the 'additional data'). After performing the send function, I realized that no data was being populated in the segment type E1MARMM. Why? Shouldn't the data be populated since it was being maintained in material master?

Problem 2: I also want to ALE my BOM from R/3 to R/3. I have maintained the text in both the header and item level....

The message type that I used is BOMMAT. After performing 'SEND' function for BOM, the data for the long text (only first line populated not the rest) were not being populated over to the IDoc. Hence, data wasn't being populated over to the designated R/3 system.

Strange! I can only guess, that you tried to send the IDoc in a different language than you maintained the texts and UOMs.

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