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Problems installing SAP Solution Manager

Expert Bert Vanstechelman suggests that SAPINST might be what's causing the problems a user is having installing SAP Solution Manager and ECC 6.0.

Can I install SAP Solution Manager and then start installing ECC6.0 as a new installation? If try to install Solution Manager, it searches for the three files (default, start and instance). When I try to install ECC 6.0 it asks for the installation key.
As of ECC 5.0, a key that needs to be generated in the Solution Manager system is needed for any new installation or upgrade. In a new environment, you should first install Solution Manager. When done, commence the installation of the ECC system using the key you generated in your Solution Manager.

I don't understand why your Solution Manager searches for instance profiles of another system. If SAP is installed on a new system, it should not. If it does, it means that SAPINST discovered some sort of leftover from a previous installation and tries to find more information of that instance. The best course of action would be to use SAPINST to remove the old installation before starting the Solution Manager installation. There is a de-installation option in SAPINST main screen under Lifecycle Management that can be used to remove an SAP installation.

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