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Problems in collective run of Picking (VL06O)

In this expert response by Mark Smithson, discover the function module which generates a Smart Form.

We're facing problems in a collective run of Picking (VL06O). It seems that updates are terminated (SM13) after about 10 seconds while the Smart Form function module is generating. Is there a function which could be processed right after the import to generate the function -- like RV80HGEN does?
Interesting question!

The function module which generates a Smart Form is 'FB_GENERATE_FORM'. There is a simple SAP report which will call this function module in the background: 'SF_BATCH_GENERATE'. I imagine this report can be given a variant and scheduled as a batch job to follow a transport.

Obviously, if the form does not generate properly, you'll still run into difficulties in the target system. For instance, it may refer to a component, such as a Smart Style or graphic, which only exists in the source system. Then again, if it generates fine you should be good to go.

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