Problems connecting to an SAP server on a different network

A reader wonders what could be causing an error message; Axel Angeli offers some advice.

We are trying to connect to a SAP server that is on a different network. I am not able to ping the server from the system that I am connecting from. I am able to connect to the SAP Server from the SAP GUI using the router string method. But when I try to use my application, which doesn't use the SAP router string, I get this error.
Unable to connect to SAP System
RFC_ERROR_COMMUNICATION; Connect to SAP gateway failed
Connect_PM GWHOST-hola1q61, GWSERV=sapggw12 , ASHOST=hola1q61 , SYSNR=12
LOCATION CPIC (TCP/IP) on local host
ERROR partner not reached
If you normally connect through the router, you have to specify the router string in your application as well. The reason is that your SAP accepts no connection from outside but from the router only; that acts as a firewall. There is no difference in the logon procedure using SAPLogon or an RFC; you can use exactly the credentials that are used in SAPlogon. You can test logon as well using the SAP command line launcher "sapshcut.exe" from the SAPGUI directory (example: C:\Programme\SAP\FrontEnd\SAPgui>sapshcut /?)

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