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Problems connecting to SAP server over ADSL connection

My company is based in Germany and we are their representative office in Thailand. We have been using SAP through normal dial-up internet connection. Last we had began subscribig to ADSL internet connection. I have bought a router which also acts as a switching hub. The Internet connection hookup went smoothly. However, we can not connect to the SAP server anymore. The problem persist whatever we do. But if we use the dial-up internet again, SAP server can be accessed.

I believe the problem may lie somewhere around the server firewall or perhaps my router configuration. Please advice what should be done. I cannot even ping the SAP server by using ADSL connection!

1. The router assigns IP dynamically to 4 computers.
2. The router acts as a gateway with ip
3. The router gets IP dynamically from ISP.
4. The route is set to be SUA.
5. I do not know much about SAP, but I needed to install VPN secureclient first, then SAP. Can something goes wrong with this? The VPN server can be connected.
As a minimum, use the Winsock ports 1080 and the SAP communications ports 32xx (xx is the number you find in the SAP Logon router string, e.g. conn=/H/yourSAP.remote.com/S/3201) for the router. From the assigned IP I guess you have a router box from German TELEKOM (EUMEX?). If so, there is a built-in firewall -- make sure it is deactivated.

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