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Problems accessing SAP with JCo

I've tried accessing our SAP system (which is behind a firewall) with the jco.client.createClient() method. Besides specifying the client, user, password, sysno I also specify the ashost, gwhost and gwserv values, I am also able to ping to the gwhost. Now, when I'm trying to make a connection through the JCO client.connect() method, it says 'partner not reached' and throws an exception saying that connection timed out. It also prints the values of the parameters given as input from the JCo code and it shows that the gwhost value is the same as that of the ashost even though in the code it was different. Even when we tried to provide the same values for both i.e. for the gwhost and that of the ashost, it says connection refused. I have gone through lots of mail from people saying that they moved behind the firewall (or rather they moved to a separate DMZ, which seems to be unviable solution.) Please help!

There is no need to specify the gateway normally. Just use Host Name and System Number or MSG HOST, System Id, and Group Name. I suspect that your problem might be that the RFC port is not open in your firewall. Have your networking gurus take a look at that.

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