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Problem with Oracle Client

What am I missing? I can't run a DBCON report from any of my application servers. It only runs in the central instance. Is it something related to my AS Oracle Client? They currently run ORA_CLI 8.0.5 (4.6C kernel on HP-UX11_64 and Oracle
I do not think I need the .dbenv_ .csh and .sh profiles on the ora environment variables, since this profiles normally point to the ORACLE_HOME in the Central Instance.
I tried setting up the listener.ora on a local AS /network/admin but it did not work. Also, tnsping doesn't even exist in the AS. Is there any additional setup configuration of the Oracle Client I need to run in each AS prior to achieve a DBCON to a remote Oracle database?
You should install the Oracle Client on your central instance and application servers. The ORA_NLS33 parameters should point to the Oracle Client instead of the ORACLE_HOME directory. Have a look at OSS NOTE 180430, Installing the Oracle Client software for Unix. For Oracle 9.2.0, you need to install the Oracle Client 8.1.7 64 bit.
In addition, have a look at OSS NOTE 780891 -- it is not really applicable to this situation, but it explains how the connection works.
This was last published in February 2005

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