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Problem processing ZORDERS05

We have a problem processing ZORDERS05 (extended IDoc) when the ZRAWDT2 segment have more than 50 or 45 ZZLINE items. Basically, the inbound IDoc originates from Business Connector (4.7). Business connector receives the attachment, which processes the file and produces ZZLINE-items.

Now, when the file is too big and the ZZLINE items are more than 50 the IDoc either gets a status 51 with error message: internal error 10:000010, NOT_ALL_INPUT_DATA_PROCESSED, or get stuck at status 64. I have also tried running the fallen IDoc in foreground using transaction WE19 and it runs through fine, so I don't get a conclusive message as in why it fails when the ZZLINE exceeds reaches somewhere 50 or more.

When the same file data is split into two small files and with less number of ZZLINE item it processes it fine.

The min and max option is 1/99999.

Strange problem, especially when it is working in interactive mode. If the IDoc gets stuck in 64 it looks like a syntax error during processing. If you encounter such a case, have a look in the system log ST22 then. Otherwise, I see the only chance to inspect the code if there are some implicit or explicit limits.

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