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Problem exchanging data and events between SAP and an external system

My name is Claudio Maurizi and my team is developing an IDoc/ALE project for exchanging data and events between SAP and an external system. We are experiencing this situation: once the external system receives and processes the events outputted from SAP (one IDoc for each event), it needs to send back status information about the IDoc processed. We are using the SYSTAT01 definition for the IDoc carrying back status information into SAP, but when we invoke the RfcIndirectCallEx, passing the table that contains this IDoc, we get this error: table passed to EDI_SEGMENTS_ADD_BLOCK is empty. We checked the IDoc and ALE configuration within the SAP R/3 and seem to be right and we checked the data inserted into the IDoc table as well. Could you help us?
Apparently the routine that enters the IDoc does not correctly point to the data table. The error is very likely to be found within your C++ coding. It is nearly impossible for me to tell where the error exactly is without seeing the code. A general hint to everybody: if possible consider using the .NET adapter or the SAP provided DCOM Active/X components (wdtlog.ocx, wdtfunc.ocx, for latest SAPGUI to be found in the SAPGUI directories).

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