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Printing output types in Simplified Chinese (ZH)

We have two output types: BA00 and BACN. Neither has an assigned access sequence. We use ZH, and sometimes when we print out for the first time the CN order confirmation, the Chinese product description will be missing, but if we print it out twice or third time, then it works. Why does this happen only once a while -- do you have any clues for this?
Although I've worked with Simplified Chinese (ZH) before, I have not encountered your particular issue. I assume you are using a custom form and print program, so the best advice I can give is to:

1. Find a way to consistently reproduce the problem
2. Then use the appropriate debugger to hone in the cause

For a discussion on SAP's form debugger tools, refer to my SDN weblog here* or visit If you are having trouble isolating the problem, one of the techniques I employ is to create a stripped-down version of the form to reduce the number of 'moving parts'.

For what it's worth, I once dealt with the following (somewhat related) issue:

I was troubleshooting a custom purchase order Smart Form -- based on the one provided by SAP -- to be printed in either Chinese or English on a R/3 4.6C system. As you probably know, SAP stores product descriptions on individual documents when the documents are created. When there are multiple language-based descriptions on the product master, the one which gets stored on the document is the one in the logon languages of the person entering the document. This makes sense, but also can lead to problems, as it did in our situation.

For instance, let's say the document was entered in Chinese then later printed in English. In this case, the document-based description always would print in Chinese. The person printing it in English wanted the description -- along with everything else -- to print in English. I achieved this by adding some code to the form to override all printed product descriptions with those from the product master in the desired language.

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