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Printing company logo on Smart Forms

I am converting SAPscripts to Smart Forms in 4.6c. The company logo is set up as a standard SAPscript text. When I try to print the logo in a Smart Form, it prints the hexadecimal equivalents but not the graphic.
Without getting into the specifics of your problem, I'd like to bring to your attention a new and improved method of storing and retrieving graphics. Transaction SE78 allows you to upload Windows Bitmap (.BMP) images to a graphics server and print those on your Smart Forms -- and on existing SAPscript forms. If you still have the uncompressed TIFF file used to create the original logo, SE78 should handle that just fine. The transaction has some other nice options, such as color and print preview.

Unless you can't bear the thought of abandoning 'RSTXLDMC', if you are going to the trouble of updating your forms, why not update how you store your company logo?

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