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Printing an order confirmation through a Smart Form

Hello, I'm trying to print an order confirmation through a Smart Form.

Is there any standard smart form for SD Order Confirmation? How can I run that Smart Form, instead of the standard SAPscript? Do I have to define anything at SPRO?
Yes, there is a free preconfigured Smart Form offered by SAP Labs for the SD Order Confirmation. The precise form kit you need may vary depending on your country and your current release level, but the download location for all of the preconfigured forms is service.sap.com/smartforms (follow the "Preconfigured Forms" link).

On a related note, you may wish to read my recent Weblog Why Bake Forms from Scratch on the SAP Developer Network.

As for your second question, there are a few ways to access the relevant SPRO (Implementation Guide for R/3 Customizing) transaction to switch the pointer to a Smart Form instead of SAPscript. In your case, one of the simplest ways is via transaction code NACE (Conditions for Output Control). From there, the steps are as follows:
1) Select 'V1' (Sales) 2) Click on the 'Output Types' button 3) Select the relevant output type (e.g. BA00) 4) Double-click on the 'Processing routines' folder 5) Double-click on the relevant transmission medium (e.g. 1 for printer). 6) The Smart Form entry field is near the top of the screen 7) On the same screen, you can update the print program entries and remove the obsolete SAPscript reference.

Caution: Even though a Smart Form is client-independent, the above configuration table is client-dependent. In other words, if you make the above change in client 100, it will not affect the settings in client 200.

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