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Printing a letter as the last page on a Smart Form

Could you please let me how to print a letter as the last page on the Smart Form? I have tried the following:

1. First page called next page
2. Next page called next page
3. Last page is like First and Next.

In first and next page I have ticked only on page last. It is not working.
This seems to be a popular question, along with the similar one I answered here about a final page in SAPscript.

The following approach should work:

Map page FIRST to NEXT and page NEXT to NEXT as you have done; page LAST does not need to be mapped to any other page. Make sure the MAIN window is contained on both page FIRST and page NEXT. Then add a command node within your MAIN window at the very end of this window (outside of any tables or loops). In its general attributes click on the 'Go to new page' and select the LAST page here.

During form output, regardless of whether the MAIN window is completed within page FIRST or NEXT, page LAST will be triggered as your final page.

Note: Any secondary windows on pages FIRST or NEXT with the condition 'only after end of MAIN window' may no longer print, as form output now will advance to the LAST page before this condition is satisfied.

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