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Preventing plans from showing up during open enrollment

Is there a way to prevent some plans from showing up during SAP open enrollment?

In SAP, the open enrollment benefits offer is the most unrestrictive type of offer, because it does not require the employee to have an adjustment reason for processing. All of the benefit plans specific to the employee's benefit program will appear in the open offer. The employee's benefit program is defined by the First and Second Program Groupings and can be found in General Benefits Information - Infotype 0171. Listing all of the plans for which the employee is eligible allows the employee to review their current enrollments while making their open enrollment choices for the following plan year. SAP does not provide a user exit to modify the open offer.

The following "work around" will allow you to limit plans within the open offer. This is only recommended if you have fairly simple benefit groupings:

1. Create new first and second benefit program groupings. There is no need to update the features BENGR and BSTAT.
2. Create a benefit program using the newly created first and second groupings, and include all of the benefit plans you wish to see during the open offer.
3. Create a new Infotype 0171 for all eligible employees. Override the default values for first and second program groupings with the newly created values. This infotype should be valid for the open enrollment period only.
4. Execute Benefits Enrollment during the open enrollment period. Only the plans specified in the new program should be displayed.

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