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Preparing for an SAP CRM FAQ interview

Headed to an SAP CRM interview? Make sure to check out this response. Expert Sam Gassem has provided a list of FAQs for the candidate.

Very good afternoon! I need your help regarding an SAP CRM FAQ interview. What is your point-of-view? I hope you can help. Thank you.
It depends on the interviewer; one may want to know what your option is in overall CRM and another may want to know what your knowledge is on CRM.

Here are some questions I may ask:

What are the advantages of mySAP CRM over R/3?
What are some best practices to follow when integrating CRM?
What is the best way to migrate data to IBase?
What are some post-installtion best practices?
How do I go about checking Engine Patch levels?
What is the future of CRM?

More detailed questions can be found in the quiz: Customers and Call Centers

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