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Preparing for Big Bang

We have fallen behind on R/3 and HR Support Packages due to significant Company reorganization activities. We are running version 4.5b with no plans to go to 4.6/4.7 this year. We now need to get caught up. We are considering doing a 'big bang' approach where we take about a month and concentrate on pushing through about 20 Hot Packages (R/3 Support Packages) and 20 LCPs (HR Support Packages). We're thinking of following a process something like the following: "< DB copy our Production system to our Sandbox system Also DB copy our Development system to another sandbox system
"< Install ALL the support packages in the both Sandbox systems
"< Resolve object conflicts from the package installs in the sandbox copied from DEV and then import those changes into the sandbox copied from PRD)
"< Lots of testing in sandboxes, especially the one copied from PRD
"< Once testing is complete, move the maintenance packages into our real Development system, with change requests to resolve conflicts
"< Then Integration System
"< Then Production System

QUESTION: I believe this is not SAP's normal recommendation. What would be your comments about this approach? Do you know any reason why this won't work? Anything specific to watch out for?

Actually you are being very precautious and your approach will work well.

Another recommendation is that you apply the Support Packages in "test" scenario. This way, you know in advance what conflicts will arise before the patches are imported into the system.

Run SPAM, select Extras->Settings->Test scenario.

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