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Posting messages on the SAP logon screen

How do I post/edit a message on the SAP logon screen? I.e right side of the screen by the side of the client/user/password/language fields.

The following are the steps to accomplish what you asked: (This procedure is explained in my new book "SAP Basis Administrator for the Windows Platform" -coming up soon!)

In releases older than 4.6x:
* Run SE51 (Screen Painter).
* Enter program name "SAPMSYST" and screen "0020".
* Click on Change and then Continue (green checkmark) at the Information screen.
* Click on Continue (green checkmark) when informed about the object change.
* Create a transport request and give it a short description.
* Carefully add your text.
* Click on the Generate button or press Ctrl+F3. This will save your changes.
* You can then release the transport to later import it into your other systems.

In 4.6x:
* Run transaction SE61 (Document Maintenance). * Select document class "General text".
* Type in the Document name box "ZLOGIN_SCREEN_INFO" and click on Create.
* Type in your text on the next screen. Notice that you can apply formats and include icons. Icons are entered using icon codes.
* Check the document: select Document->Check or press Ctrl+F2.
* Click on Save (disk icon).

That's it!

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