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Portals in a nutshell

In this expert response by Sam Gassem, learn all about the functionality and interoperability with the SAP enterprise portal (EP).

Can you please explain the differences between CRM and the SAP Portal? When does CRM require the SAP Portal?
A portal integrates and correlates all of the information and services related to particular tasks. Portal pages become a "one-stop shop" for information and functionality associated with particular task.

A portal provides organized, role-based access to structured and unstructured content:

  • Transactional systems and legacy databases
  • Data warehouse and decision support solutions
  • Internet and intranet sites
  • File servers and other repositories for content and documents

Provides access to diverse systems:
Application access and integration
Business intelligence services
Internet access to content and services
Knowledge Management services
Customer Relationship Management (SAP CRM and PCUI)

Generally, portals provide:
A single point of access via a Web browser
A personalized, role-based user interface
Simple maintenance based on an open and flexible system architecture
Secure access from anywhere

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