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Portals and large data warehouses

Naeem, would you comment on the use of portals in conjunction with terabyte-sized data warehouses?

Use of portals has nothing to do with small or large (multi-terabyte) data warehouse. Portals do not interact directly with the database but rather take information generated by an 'infoprovider' specific to the database using tool that access data directly from data warehouse. For example you have a large data warehouse and whatever mechanism you use to query (say Business Objects, PL/SQL, ODBC, JDBC, BEX Query ?for BW, or anything else) then it is the outcome of that query which will be taken by the Portal content manager interface (using iViews for SAP EP or portlets for Oracle, IBM, Pagelets for Peopelsoft) to process pages for the intended user. So it all boils down to the how you provide data to a portal and not much to do with the size of a data warehouse.

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