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Pitfalls to implementing SAP HR before FI

Why you should implement SAP FI before HR and how to approach a reverse installation.

Are there any pitfalls to implementing the SAP HR module prior to FI? If so, what are the items to keep in mind?
Yes, there are pitfalls in implanting HR before FI/CO if your enterprise structures are not well defined. Keep in mind the enterprise structure (company codes/legal entities). Define your company and how it should be structure legally from the FI/CO side. However, in the world of HR, pending how your legal entities are structured, this will have an impact on synchronization perspective from the integration side in posting and tax filing.

Items to keep in mind if HR module is to be implemented prior to FI/CO: 1. Third party remittance 2. Integration...

points between FI/CO & HR, how should we post and clear GL accounts for month end, and year end? 3. Tax filing 4. Merger and acquisitions, what does your legal entities look like in the HR world vs FI/CO? 5. Budgeting for headcount and fiscal year forecast planning, for this will involve cost accounting 6. Analytic, your reporting may be affected

This was last published in July 2006

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