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Picking up the document number posted using an IDoc

Can the sending system/application pick up the document no. of a document posted using an IDoc either ALE/EDI? I have implemented an outbound program and has an inbound function module for a new basic IDoc type. The outbound process is successful. But while trying to execute the inbound function module, I get an error message: "interface for the function module is incorrect". What could be wrong? I am not using message control. Is the process code necessary to execute the function module? I didn't create it.
The proper way would be to set up a workflow for the successfully processed IDoc and send back an IDoc (recommended type: ALEAUD01, message type, outbound function AUDIT_IDOC_CREATE). Some applications, like the SD sales order, fire explicit workflow events, when the document has been created via ALE, i.e. through an IDoc). These events can then be used to send the workflow back.

Main menu for workflow is SWLD
The workflow events are coupled and enabled via transaction SWETYPEV (rel 4.6++; earlier releases edit table SWETYPECOU with SM30).
A workflow handler must comply with a rigid interface. To create an own handler for an event, you can copy PUR_ORDER_CREATE_VIA_SD_EVENT as a template.
To check out what events are fired by your application, you can check the event trace (transactions SWEL and SWELS).
For sales orders there is an event predefined: ALECREATED. In the event coupling SWETYPEV the processing by PUR_ORDER_CREATE_VIA_SD_EVENT is already defined but not activated. You can use this scenario as example for your works.

If the IDoc is updated by a transaction that does not fire events, you can indirectly trigger an arbitrary workflow via the change documents which fire their own events from within the function CHANGEDOCUMENT_CLOSE.

More details can be found in "The R/3 Guide to EDI and Interfaces" or at http://logosworld.com.

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