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Persuing a career as a functional SD consultant

I have 12 years experience in sales and marketing at a middle management level and my company recently succesfully implemented Sap R/3 4.6. As a power user I succefully conducted several SD modules and part of MM module training to end user levels during the implementation stage. I would like to persue a career as a functional consultant in SD. As I was not exposed to the SAP technical side and worked only as a user, what should I do to become a fuctional SAP consultant?
You don't need deep technical skills to become a successful SAP functional consultant, but you do need hands-on SAP configuration skills. I like the sound of your SD exposure and sales and marketing background, but before you can hope to become a consultant, you really do need hands-on SAP implementation experience. Your best bet is to get that from your current company. If you missed out this time around, you might want to find out when the next upgrade will be. Otherwise, you can hit the open market and try to find another company that will get you involved on the configuration side. Frankly, I see that as a long shot. In today's competitive consulting market, you have to get some hands-on SAP implementation skills before you can become an SAP consultant, and your current employer is by far your best opportunity for that.

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