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Partial payment of an A/P invoice in SAP 4.6C

We are looking for a way to partial pay an A/P invoice in SAP 4.6C. We have not found a way to cut an actual check that will only partially pay an open A/P invoice.

For example, we have an invoice, #999, to vendor XYZ, for $50,000. We want to cut a check for $25,000 and leave the remaining balance on the vendor account.

I have to believe that there is a way to do this in the system so there is a record of the partial payment on invoice #999 and leave the vendor account with an open balance of $25,000.

Try this approach: Create a purchase order for one unit at $50,000. Do two separate goods receipts, each for .50 units. Then, using Logistics Invoice Verification enter two "invoices" for .50 units each. Put a payment block on one of the invoices. This way, the unblocked invoice can be processed, and the blocked invoice will sit in the A/P balance until the block is removed and that "invoice" is paid.

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