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Parking invoices

I've implemented an interface from a legacy system via IDoc FIDCCP02 in order to post invoices and memos. Now I am asked to park some invoices.

I'm trying to set E1FIKPF (IDoc header) fields BSTAT = 'V' (=parked) and TCODE as 'FBV1' (=park doc). I got the records inserted in tables BKPF, BSEG and BSET, but the document is not really parked (it is not visible via transaction FBV3). Please help!
Try to debug the IDoc handler for your IDoc and check if the right transaction is indeed called. This problem is definitely on the application side. It could be that the IDoc handler function module does not call the proper transaction.

Look for the processing code in your partner profile (WE20) and then see in WE51 which function is linked to the processing code (it is in table TBD52.) Then set the IDoc processing to background processing in the partner profile and set a breakpoint in the handler function. Process the IDoc via BD87. It will stop at the breakpoint.

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