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PA objects for Job based Security

What is your view regarding the use of PA objects for Job based Security and its prevalence in completed imple...


I would recommend securities set up utilizing the position. The reason for this is maintenance in the future. While cumbersome in the beginning, the chances of changing authorizations/securities as it relates to a position are minimal, while making changes based on a person are significant because a person can change positions and such.

By doing this, if an employee changes a position the new securities/authorizations of the new position will automatically take effect; whereas if you only attach a security/authorization to a person you will need to make changes to the authorizations every time an employee changes positions in the organization. All employees who occupy that position will always have the correct authorizations and you will not have to wait for a request to further explore what securities belonged to what people, rather than to what position.

Most implementations I have done from full implementation have attached securities to the position rather than to the person; however, in cases where SAP has already been implemented it is much easier to only attach securities to people; however, once HR is implemented I may reevaluate this.

Attaching securities to positions also allows for a smoother transition while utilizing ESS and Workplace.

This was last published in February 2002

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