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Overwritten PD Org

Our PD Org gets overwritten every 5 or 6 months. We have to rebuild it once again. We can not find out how it gets overwritten. So:
1. Please let me know if we can find who or which job overwrites this.
2. It will be nice if I get the list of tables used in PD Org so that I can check up its contents
3. Otherwise, it will at least be required for us to take backup of it so that we can restore it fast.

I would classify this as an extremely major problem if I am reading your question correctly. I have actually written a significant enhancement using a couple of BAdI's to serve as the entry points for auditing OM because SAP's vanilla OM auditing tool is not sufficient. That being said, it encompasses some 50+ pages of documentation, several configuration tables and a large amount of code so I cannot post all of it here. I'll give you the name of the central BAdI's but you will probably need to bring someone in to do any sort of implementation. HRBAS00INFTY is the main BAdI and where most of the work needs to be done. There are some other useful items in HRBAS00_STRUAUTH as well though.

I strongly encourage you to bring an HR developer in with good OM knowledge and ABAP object skills to help you solve this problem. If something is making this kind of drastic change every 5-6 months, how can you ever be sure that your data is 100% correct? The kind of solution I am talking about keeps a full audit of everything that happens in OM but at the same time has no negative impacts on system performance.

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