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Overwriting old reports in the SAP QA system

Bert Vanstechelman diagnoses a situation wherein ABAPers aren't able to overwrite older files in SAP QA systems.

When I transport customized programs from the DEV system to the QA system, everything works fine. But, when the ABAPers check their work in the QA system, they find their latest reports don't overwrite the older reports and the 'last changed' date of the reports remains the old date.

What do you think the problem is, and how can I fix it?

Have a look at the log file generated by TP. In transaction STMS, choose your transport request and select the 'view log file' button. If TP did not import the reports, it should report why.

One reason might be that the reports were changed in the target system. If so, import the request using the 'overwrite originals option', which can be selected when you start the import.

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