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Overwriting dev environment for CRM; what to watch out for

A SearchSAP.com reader asks for pointers on what to watch for when overwriting a CRM environment to correct inconsistencies.

I have three systems (BW, CRM, R3). The company wants to overwrite the Dev environment for CRM from Prod because of inconsistencies/bad practices.

Apart from losing all change history, is there anything else to worry about?

Would there be a need to refresh all three Dev environments (CRM, BW, R3) or could CRM be done by itself?

Some additional steps are needed when copying a CRM system, such as the renaming of the logical system name via transaction BDLS, the changing of the RFC connections to the back-end system. The best source of information is the Best Practice Guide for Solution Management 'mySAP CRM System Landscape Copy'. The guide is available via the Solution Manager. If there is no guide for your specific product/release combination, use the latest guide. It will nevertheless contain valuable information for your system copy.

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