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Outlook: SAP components related to SOA will be imperative

Learn how SAP components related to service-oriented architecture will be essential in the future in this expert tip from Joshua Greenbaum.

In the long run, apart from R/3, what SAP components are a must for survival in the market (like BW, APO, etc)?
In the long run, very large-grained components will go the way of the dinosaur, as will Basis and APO. What will be important in the SAP world will be smaller, more discrete components, based on smaller, more discrete processes, that will then be assembled in SAP's enterprise services architecture (ESA) to provide more customer-specific functionality. In other words, the future will be defined by components based on a services architecture, not the large monolithic applications that defined the old world of R/3.
This was last published in February 2006

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